Cone Beam Cat Scan

At our office we are proud to offer Cone Beam CT (CBCT)technology. We have made every effort to let each of our patients know that we are using innovative equipment that will help make their visit better and more effective.

CBCT is a revolutionary x-ray system that provides high resolution, three dimensional imaging solutions in dental implants, and oral pathology, with minimal radiation. When using CBCT, we have the most accurate anatomic information to plan the placement of dental implants. In our office, we have the Picasso Triomachine, which is a state of the art imaging system. Dentists and Surgeons from all over the Los Angeles area send their patients to our office just to have these dental scans taken. CBCT technology and imaging is the standard of care in implantology, and we are very excited to offer its availability within our office and not have to send our patients elsewhere for their imaging needs.